WoodsApp for Forest Organizations

Our WoodsApp supports forest organizations by providing up-to-date data and creating a direct communication option with forest owners. Designed as a combination of smartphone and web application, data can be seamlessly shared between different members. Our cloud-based platform greatly simplifies direct communication with forest owners and information sharing.

WoodsApp enables forest organizations to provide individualized advice to forest owners with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to up-to-date satellite images, WoodsApp reduces the amount of consulting and travel required significantly.

How can you benefit from

Direct communication with forest owners.

Send messages from the web application directly to forest owners’ smartphones.

Perfect overview of members’ forest areas with official parcels.

The exchange of notes on your map simplifies communication.

Reach your members through an individualized information channel.

Direct management of forest land and contact details of forest owners.

Improved and novel services

  • Provision of specially prepared, up-to-date satellite data
  • Group news and possibility of direct communication with forest owners.
  • Spatial selection of areas allows targeted notification of forest owners according to regional characteristics.
  • Monitoring changes in forests and the environment.
  • Significantly increases efficiency in servicing forest owners.

Motivates private Forest Owners

  • Forest Owners can find their own forest on the map and navigate to the parcel.
  • “Urban” forest owners get professional advice.
  • Identify risks, tree damage or vitality stress with up-to-date maps that show what’s happening in their forests.
  • Improve the forest’s CO2 storage and create climate-stable forests.
  • Optimal advice leads to forest restructuring that is appropriate to the climate and the site.

Clearly arranged Web Application

  • Easy to use.
  • Management of forest land and forest owners.
  • Manage expert advisors in your own organization.
  • Targeted messages to forest owners facilitate communication.
  • Own map material, e.g. location maps can be integrated.

Strong Backend in the Cloud

  • A powerful cloud environment ensures fast data provision in the background.
  • Remote sensing data from ESA (Copernicus) provide timely, up-to-date satellite images.
  • Methods of “self-learning artificial intelligence” evaluate the data and provide constantly improved map material.
  • Changes in satellite data, such as storm surge areas, are automatically detected and displayed.
  • Drought damage to trees can be detected early and affected forest owners can be informed.

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