The indispensable app for private Forest owners

Having your own forest comes with responsibilities.

With WoodsApp, you can keep an eye on your forest at all times via your smartphone – even if you are not on site. The app shows you exactly where your forest plot is located and guides you there directly via the link to the smartphone navigator.

WoodsApp is an easy-to-use smartphone app for early risk detection, e.g. of bark beetle infestation. In addition, it enables direct message exchange with experts from the responsible forest owners’ association and your responsible forester.

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How can you benefit from

icon1Official parcel data in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

icon6The condition of your forest is constantly monitored.

icon3Access to satellite and aerial imagery and topographic maps.

icon9Create spatial notes on your map.

icon4Access to an information channel with current news about the forest.

icon10Large-scale changes in the forest at a glance.

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Always keeping an eye on the condition of your own forest

  • High-resolution aerial imagery with an accurate display of parcels on your smartphone.
  • Quickly detect stressed or damaged trees (bark beetle infestation, drought, wind breakage) from a distance. Risk areas are made visible on maps – a quick reaction protects against yield loss.
  • Access to your own official forest parcels.
  • Find your forest parcels in a snap. Navigate to your parcels with a navigation app. This makes it easier for you to get there if you want to get an idea on site.
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Alerting in case of imminent risks and damages

  • Push messages from the Forest Owners Association about potential risks, such as bark beetle infestations, that could spread to your parcels.
  • Report coordinates and images of beetle-infested trees directly to your local forestry organization.
  • Current situation pictures after storm events support the estimation of the extent of damage and the reconditioning.

Support from the Forest Organizations

  • The associated forest organization informs the forest owner about current events or happenings via WoodsApp.
  • Forest owners are provided with targeted information with personalized content.
  • What trees should I plant in my forest? Connect with your forest organization to answer questions like these and get tips for forest restoration in times of climate change.
  • Assistance with timber sales.
  • Information on funding opportunities and support programs for forests and reforestation.
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