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We are able to showcase areas of impact within German forests, divided by municipalities and levels of vitality loss.

In a groundbreaking effort, satellite data has shown which areas in Germany are facing the most challenges. Using data from ESA satellites, we assess the health of all forests in the country. Presented in a comprehensible format, here is the data for you to explore!

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Zoom in to take a closer look at your municipality and understand the current overall conditions.

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Click on the municipality and get valuable insights into forest’s condition in the area

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Latest vitality data recorded on the 15.07.2023 by BitApps. In areas, where no rescent satellite imagery was available due to cloud cover, vitality loss was calculated based on data from 2022. Map and Data analysis: Andreas Forstmaier, Data: Grzegorz Krok, Marek Wyszyński, Olga Kalinowska, Krzysztof Rączkiewicz, Webdevelopment: Szymon Wrzos, Design: Weronika Izert. Forest area based on a dataset by Blickensdörfer, Lukas et al. (2022): Dominant Tree Species for Germany (2017/2018), Thünen-Institut, https://doi.org/10.3220/DATA20221214084846

Read more here how the map was created!

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The fusion of a mobile application and web platform facilitates fluent and cost-free sharing of data and insights between your organisation and stakeholders.

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For office use, we recommend our web app: It allows you to keep track of larger number of files and to operate with a voluminous customer-base.

Experts can effortlessly conduct fieldwork using the app version and navigate to the detected vitality signals within the forest.

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The vitality map above provides a general overview and does not offer a detailed assessment of individual trees within a forest. To gain insights into the specific conditions of your own forest, download WoodsApp and explore the data firsthand.

If you observe any signs of vitality loss, it’s better to visit your forest in person. WoodsApp’s navigation tool makes it easy to locate your exact parcels.

You as a forest owner have a lot to gain from using this data to make informed decisions about your forest. You will be able to prevent possible risks earlier and take action to address any issues before they become more serious.

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icon10See large-scale situation in the forest at a glance.

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