WoodsApp Pro Task Management

Have you ever encountered any of these problems in your daily operations as a forest professional?

  • In a jam-packed work week, do you often run out of notepads and look for a clearer way to organize your daily work?
  • You have challenges following up on the work of your mobile workers?
  • You have difficulties in communicating with large number of stakeholders around a common project?

If so, go on reading!

It’s remarkably simple!

WoodsApp Pro offers an exceptional task management feature that can truly transform your work.

With this feature, you can create tasks and geolocate them on the map. Tasks can include text, images, photos, or any necessary documents.

You have the flexibility to assign tasks to yourself or to any other person from your organisation

Specify a date or a time range to determine when the task has to be accomplished.

Once a task is assigned, you can track its status, and benefit from easy reporting.

Task management feature in the broader context

WoodsApp’s primary focus is on easy task creation, allowing tasks to be set, assigned, and ready to go in just a few clicks. This user-friendly process helps you to get things done faster and also allows you to monitor the process after tasks are assigned.

In the task management process, professionals can assign to others in their network. For instance, in the following video, Tobias, the forester, comes across a forest owner’s request for help and decides to assist. After reviewing vitality signals also from neighbouring parcels, he delegates further actions to his contractors. Tobias can easily track task progress by checking their status at a glance from his screen.

Task Management in a Nutshell

Our task management system enables smooth control of your entire workflow. It offers a transparent service chain with automated notifications, as well as exceptional ease for efficient follow-up and reporting for future use.

The task management feature of WoodsApp Pro is integrated into a robust yet lightweight application that gathers data from satellite imagery and other remote sensing methods. And all you need is your smartphone!

Create, assign tasks and track easily their progress

Attach files, photos, documents, or links to tasks

Receive automated notifications for tasks and events

Set and manage deadlines for ensuring timely completion and avoiding delays

Sync automatically across your network and save time

Get a whole picture of your ongoing tasks at a single glance in your dashboard

Benefit from the built-in chat feature

Export task data to Excel for integration with other systems if needed

Use web version in the office and mobile version on the field

It doesn’t have to be limited to forestry (only) …

Our task management offers a high level of flexibility and can be applied to various user purposes, organization types, situations, and contexts, including:

  • Hunting
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Environmental & Resource Management

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