You provide services to forest owners

As a forestry association you support the small private forest owners

You provide assistance to private forest owners in managing their small parcels with a focus on sustainable and careful practices. As a forest owners association, you may have established forest maintenance agreements with numerous forest owners to facilitate this process.

With WoodsApp Pro, you can enhance and sustain your connection with forest owners within your area of responsibility. This app enables you to efficiently track your customers and their forest areas, while maintaining easy and direct communication with forest owners at all times.

As a forestry association you support the small private forest owners.


Forester Lisa Beckert of WBV Ebersberg looks at WoodsApp that shows quite clearly that there are trees with poor vitality.

Looking over the forester’s shoulder

Check out this story to learn more about how forest associations can benefit from WoodsApp Pro:

Examining the display of her cell phone, forester Lisa Beckert of WBV Ebersberg (German forest association from the area of Ebersberg) looks at it. “Here is the parcel of our customer. WoodsApp shows quite clearly here that there are trees with poor vitality. That means these trees are not doing very well.” She points toward the southeast, where the parcel extends. “I’ve already looked at the affected areas, but I couldn’t see any abnormalities with the naked eye for now.”

Simplify your daily operations

WoodsApp has an easy and comprehensive task management


Task management

Tasks and orders provide a comprehensive overview of both major and minor activities in the forest, encompassing their spatial, temporal, and personnel aspects.

You can precisely specify the tasks to be carried out, including the location, deadline, and assigned persons. You have the flexibility to assign tasks to colleagues within your organization or partners from your WoodsApp network.

By checking the status, you can track the current progress of your assigned tasks.

If necessary, you can supplement the documentation by adding photos and other files for reference.

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Creating notes directly on the map

Have you come across a tree displaying signs of insect infestation?

Are you planning a planting project in a specific area?

Do you require a new skid trail and wish to mark it on the map ahead of time?

For all these needs, WoodsApp provides the capability to create map notes.

Simply select the category, add a description, and include photos if necessary – and you’re done! This ensures that your observations are documented and easily retrievable whenever needed.

Create notes and tasks on WoodsApp's platform


Stay in touch with your customers or forest owners

WoodsApp Pro - Your connection to the forest owner

Stay on touch with your customers

Your customers initially discover your organization through their forest parcel, as it serves as the connection between you and individual forest owners. Once this connection is established, you can access essential customer data and gather details about their forest property.

Speak directly to your forest owners

Information and communication capabilities are fundamental features of our WoodsApp Pro platform. With this platform, you can easily send messages to your forest owners. You have the flexibility to select recipients based on their areas of interest or geographically, using the location of their land parcels. For instance, you can share information about planned forest measures or announce events like members’ meetings.

Through our platform, you can establish direct and personal contact with forest owners using the chat feature. This allows for seamless communication and the ability to share map notes with forest owners and colleagues within your organization.

With WoodsApp Pro communicate directly to your forest owners

Forest condition and vitality

WoodsApp Pro monitors the health of our forests

Monitoring the health of your forests

Our comprehensive map material offers a unique feature designed to provide valuable insights into the health of the forest under your care: the vitality map.

Utilise this map to identify changes in your forest and promptly detect damaged trees. The vitality map assists you in quickly pinpointing areas of concern, enabling you to take timely and appropriate measures. By addressing issues at an early stage, you have the opportunity to mitigate the potentially severe consequences of existing damage.

More about the monitoring here.


Enhance your organization’s visibility among forest owners:

  1. Register your organization for WoodsApp Pro by visiting
  2. Add your employees, colleagues, and other professionals as members of your organization within the platform.
  3. Ensure that the mobile version of WoodsApp Pro is accessible to all members of your organization. This enables them to efficiently carry out tasks in the field, ensuring reliable and seamless workflow completion.


By registering now, you have the opportunity to use WoodsApp PRO 
free of charge until December 31, 2023!

WoodsApp Pro in a nutshell

icon5Stay in touch with your forest owners and simply talk to them directly – send messages, use chat.

icon11For office use, we recommend our web app: It allows you to keep track of even a large number of files.

icon6Track down stress factors in your forest specifically with the help of our vitality map.

icon2Record your observations on the map. Add pictures,photos or other documents. Share them with customers and colleagues.

icon4Create tasks and stay informed about the current status. Assign jobs to others as needed.

icon3Use our extensive map material, which we always keep up to date.