You take care of your own forest?

You are a private forest organisation, municipality
or an established church?

One organisation but many parcels to take care of…

You likely encounter this particular challenge. We present to you WoodsApp Pro, a solution designed to assist you in overcoming the unique obstacles inherent in your forestry operations.

Also, regardless of whether you are a private forest organization, municipality or church forestry company, WoodsApp Pro can be utilized to effectively monitor and manage the forest areas under your responsibility.

By registering now, you have the opportunity to use WoodsApp PRO 
free of charge until December 31, 2023!

WoodsApp Pro – benefits for you


We provide a visual representation of your forest areas on a map within our app.


Continuously updated satellite data points monitor the health of your forest, enabling you to promptly identify changes and potential threats and take appropriate measures.

Additionally, this information facilitates effective maintenance and management of your forest areas, significantly reducing the need for control or instructional visits. Consequently, this leads to time, cost and CO2 savings!

Check here what one of our forester customer says about WoodsApp Pro!


Task management is a powerful feature to fasten up your work. You can easily create tasks to define what needs to be done, where, and when and by whom. If you prefer not to carry out the task yourself, you can assign it to a partner within your WoodsApp network.

Stay constantly updated on the progress of the tasks you’ve created as they are marked with status indicators (in progress/done). This ensures that you are well-informed about the progress of each task, allowing you to stay on top of their execution. Read more here.


Communicating efficiently with your employees and colleagues goes fast and easy too.

With the chat feature, you have the flexibility to create both group discussions and private conversations. Sharing tasks and observations marked on the map layers, facilitates improved collaboration with your colleagues. This fosters a shared understanding of forest-related matters and enhances teamwork within your organisation!

Start benefiting from WoodsApp Pro. This easy it is:

  1. Register your organization for WoodsApp Pro​ on
  2. Manage your estates via this easy-to-use online web application​
  3. Add your colleagues or other experts as members to your organisation
  4. Allow the members of your organisation to use the mobile version of WoodsApp Pro (and let them do their work properly when they are outdoors!)

By registering now, you have the opportunity to use WoodsApp PRO 
free of charge until December 31, 2023!

WoodsApp Pro – easy and efficient!

Communicate, chat and share documents directly with your contacts within the app.

Send notifications to targeted and filtered list of contacts easily. You also have web application for office use or when working with a large number of files.

Efficiently track down specific changes in your forest using our vitality map. This tool enables you to swiftly identify damaged trees within the forest, allowing you to take timely action. By addressing issues early on, you can save valuable resources such as time, costs, and even reduce CO2 emissions.

Create geolocated observations on the map and add photos or other attachments if needed

Create tasks inside your network and follow their status (in progress/done).

Easily add your forest parcels to the app. Utilize our comprehensive and regularly updated map materials to have a clear overview of your forest. Stay consistently informed about your forest, thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that fits right in your pocket!