The Forest is our Life

For 20 years now, we have been combining geodata and information technology with our knowledge of the timber and forestry industries, built up over many years, to create innovative solutions that add value.

For our web-based and mobile applications, we consistently rely on open source GIS and remote sensing technology. This guarantees future-proof and economical products for forest owners and forest owner associations.


Forest ownership means responsibility. Climate change is transforming our forests and calling for action – a challenge that private forest owners and forest organizations face together. WoodsApp provides the solutions needed to stay on top of large-scale changes. With satellite-based products, we support the necessary transformations in forestry to make our forests fit for the future. In doing so, we are aware of our own ecological footprint and aim to achieve greenhouse gas-neutral operations by 2025.

Our Vision


WoodsApp –
Our Main Project

Our easy-to-use WoodsApp is an indispensable tool for all private forest owners. Current satellite images, linked with state-of-the-art analysis methods, can make damage visible even before it becomes detectable to the human eye. As part of a community linked via WoodsApp, the forest owner receives information about new developments in the forest, nature and environment-relevant processes,

possible subsidies and, of course, advice on climate-friendly forest conversion and timber sales. The complementary web solution for forest owners’ associations enables them to communicate directly with forest owners via app and creates an overall picture of changes in forests and the environment using state-of-the-art remote sensing methods via satellite.

BitApps –
a European Project

BitApps GmbH is closely linked to BitApps Group in Finland and BitApps Polska based in Poland.

Together, we pool our experience and expertise here in Germany in the fields of forestry, agriculture, environment, GIS, data analysis and information technology. We also work closely with the European Space Agency (ESA) and forest science institutions in the German states, such as the Bavarian State Institute for Forestry and Forestry (LWF) and the FNR (Agency for Renewable Resources).